Sophie - Nov 18 2010 - Nov 1 2017

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Sophie - Nov 18 2010 - Nov 1 2017

Post by GuardianAngel on Wed Nov 15, 2017 1:36 am

Labour day weekend Sept 2017 Sophie my little Shih Tzu, ran up the stairs and collapsed. What a terrifying moment. I comforted her for a few seconds, not knowing what was happening. She rolled over on her tummy and within seconds got up as if nothing happened. She was resting not eating much but drinking lots of water the rest of the weekend. Since it was a long weekend, and she seemed ok, after the incident, I wasn't able to take her to the vet until the following Tuesday. She was examined, and everything seemed fine but she did have a slight fever. No blood work was taken, she was put on Metacam and by the next day she greatly improved. Within two days she was back to normal. All of Sept and most of October, there were no issues at all. She was her usual spunky loving adorable little girl.

Thursday Oct 26 2017 our morning walk was the same as every other morning. I got home from work, she was excited to see me as was Louie my 11 yr old Shih Tzu. I turned to get Louie's leash and heard a thump. She collapsed again. Again she got up moments later as if nothing happened. I didn't walk them after work like I usually do. She ate most of her supper and was drinking water. I stared her on Metacam again. Friday she seemed tired but very alert. She didn't eat her breakfast or supper, took a few bits of treats. Saturday she seemed better. Sunday evening she was much worse. I took her to the vet Monday morning. Her gums and tongue were very pale. She was alert, and I mentioned to the vet she seemed so much better than the day before. As we waited for the blood work, I could feel my insides churning. I just knew this wasn't good. The vet returned, she is such a sweet lady, and said "where do I begin". She was severely anemic with a very low blood count. (I still don't know how to read the medical report, I haven't had the courage to look at it again) She didn't know how she was so alert. She explained her immune system is killing her red blood cells causing her to be severely anemic which is IMHA. The prognosis wasn't good. She could have a blood transfusion, my choice, but felt it was not going to help her. She put her on prednisone. One dose Monday, Tuesday morning, and by Tuesday after work she was so much better. She even ate, took treats, played with a toy and was looking so much better. Wednesday morning she did not look good at all.

I was so worried, trying to come to terms with this. After not sleeping all  night and worried about loosing her, I couldn't function. I came to check on her at 10am, and she was having difficulty breathing. She fought for 2 hours when she gave up. I'm so grateful I was with her. She passed away on November 1st, two weeks, 3 days shy of her 7th birthday and two days after diagnosed.

I can't believe she's gone. Two weeks tomorrow, it's been so difficult. She is on the left in my avatar.

Here is an online memorial I created for her.

Sophie memorial Gateway PetMemorial

RIP Sophie Little Girl Nov 18 2010 - Nov 1 2017

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