Signs from your pet

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Signs from your pet

Post by GuardianAngel on Wed Nov 15, 2017 1:46 am

Post any signs you believe you received from your pet.

Sophie passed over the Rainbow bridge Nov 1st. Nov 4th I had the most vivid dream I've ever had.

Went to bed after the clocks turned back at 10:30pm. Asked Sophie to always come in my dreams, I’ll see her there.
Half asleep, I heard the thunder, and rain. I felt something drop near my legs on the right side. I thought Louie is scared of the thunder, he’ll come up to my head on the pillow like he usually does when he's scared, then I said wait he’s in Toronto. I felt him walk up my side and onto my head. I reached my hand over my head to pet him but it was Sophie’s fur. I felt it clearly in my fingers.

I told her not to be scared of the thunder. She used to do the same thing, come on top of my head. When I realized it was her, I said "You have to go back to grandpa!" She came to sit in front of me and said all happy, “I got better”. In my mind I’m thinking she got better and didn’t get cremated. She handed me some paperwork. Medical paperwork. I was reading it but didn’t understand it. I noticed one question there was a medical question and the answer was ? In my mind I’m thinking even they don’t know how she got better.

She said “did you get the Niagara Falls clue, I couldn’t tell you” I said what clue? She said “the loonie I put between the boat ride and journey behind the falls”. I said oh yeah yeah, but I really didn’t know what she was referring to. I said let’s go get Louie, in my mind, he was in his bed at the bottom of the stairs. We walked out in the hallway and Marcel was coming. I said Marcel do you see my baby girl, she was standing there so pretty, he said yeah, she’s so cute. In my mind I wanted proof that this was real.

We left the building walking, down a street with houses that looked like stores. They had colourful things hanging outside. I saw my house I lived in for 23 yrs which she spent her first 3 yrs, in the distance and knew we went to far. We turned around, looking for the door to the apartment, but I couldn’t find it. I said “we’ll start over and go to the main door, I’ll find my way that way”.

I woke up, and realized it was a dream. I thanked my little Sophie, and told her she did a good job coming in my dream. I laid there remembering it all so I wouldn’t forget and trying to piece it together. I don’t know how long I laid there thinking, but I looked at the clock and it was 11:56 which was really 12:56 which is around the time she passed.

I realized, “clue- between the boat and journey behind the falls”. I was in Niagara Falls on Friday. I got an email confirming her little key chains have been made. I looked up out the window thinking how cute the key chains are, and saw a huge rainbow over the falls. I knew at that time it was her, but for her to tell me it was her clue, is incredible. I don’t know what the meaning of Loonie, she specifically said she put the loonie, maybe loonie was the clue representing the rainbow.

Marcel- I thought about him earlier in the day. When he first started, working in my office, he was upset one day, and told me he had to put his little girl down a few days before. For some reason that conversation came to mind. We talked about pets, his daughter’s name is Sophie. Getting lost and not finding the apartment door – “starting over” Starting life without her physical presence. Finding our way without her.

Update: there have been a couple of instances involving a loonie. I'm so sure it was her little sign.
I am constantly replaying this dream over and over. Her sitting in front of me, talking, saying "I got better" will be embedded in my heart forever.

RIP Sophie Little Girl Nov 18 2010 - Nov 1 2017

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